Gray Matters hard at work

Hi Rowers,
Lets go Swimming
Good idea, 1 day to go of winter, so just enough time to save the world So Nicole thinks it’s a good time to keep our gear on and jump in the swim.
For a while now we have been given strange orders to read dreary booklets and ordered down to the beach in the middle of winter to swim with our clothes on! No it’s not an initiation to the Richmond cult or a practical joke we play on newbies.
The reason for it is that as of the end of September you need to have done the appropriate boring tests and dares to meet the newly introduced Marine Safety Compliance. So everyone MUST pass the 50m COLD water test and a multiple choice quiz. Emma feels like a good belly laugh and thus has offered to assess our ability to swim OUTDOORS at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre at 9.30am on Saturday.
Wear your Zootie, you’ll just feel like your Great Granny did in the 30’s / 40’s when she went to the beach. Email the Pres at [email protected] and she’ll send you the quiz and then drop the test into the black secretary mailbox opposite the guys change room.  For more details see members news on the web site.
If you don’t do the test then you need to wear a yellow PFD. Which I’m think stands for Puffy Floating Dork outfit, which has a few potential negative consequences, if we row hard you might take off (might need to attach some string to your foot), if we row fast the pressure might pop you, you might get rubber / nappy rash, if you are err, umm well err equipped err up top, then bye bye scenery as your PFD will sit up right in front of your face. Lets face it its better to give Emma a giggle on Saturday, than all of Melbourne something to laugh at for weeks to come.
What do Rowers and Michael Jackson have in Common?
MAGIC MICHAEL MOMENTS PARTY inspired by Michael Jackson – Friday Sept 11th at the club.  More details on the website – FRONT PAGE!
The GREAT news is that the B team has 5 (count em) members. You know what that means for fancy dress! ABC!!! Unfortunately though 2 seat will be in Sydney (Rehab again poor thing) (Not really but it sounded very Hollywood), so we’re recruiting someone who can play any instrument loudly (might as well have one in the band and the louder the better to drown out our singing).
Keep an eye out for pre party promotions!
Pay up
Camp fees are due now – you should have received an email how to pay. If not let me know and we’ll sort it asap, we want your cash.
Keep a lookout for the forthcoming promotional video for the camp….it will star a closet Michael Jackson fan and his rather patient artistic director girl friend….
Ergos for August are due now – it’s a great chance to track your progress. Ok now the pressure is on, in order to top the last couple of months you need to think Music, Inspirational Movies (Rambo, and umm Erin Brokovich and err well Footloose) Inspirational books about people who climb Everest in blizzards and lose toes and friends and guides. I assume you’ve tried Pasta the night before and the night before. So what about Pasta for breakfast and lunch as well as the night before, the night before that and the night before that too. Rest up before the ergo. Drive in, slowly, better yet get a lift, to the door and walk up the stairs slowly, if you can get someone to hoist you through the window and carry you to the erg.
Upcoming Regatta
Saltwater regatta, Saturday Sept 13th. It’s a 4.5 km course in quads.
katie gray
PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the
Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)