Gray Matters dusting off the bike for HOTY

Hello Rowers,
Everyone not rowing tomorrow should come down and cheer, dust off your bike and you can cycle along and cheer (though likely to catch more flies this way). The start is a pretty exciting place to watch.
The race starts at 11:00am and our crews will be going off at the following times (approximate):
Female D Eight (Schouten) – 11:06 am
Female C Eight (Crotty) – 11:22 am
Mixed D Masters (Hope) – 12:02 am
Male B Eight (Foster) – 2:32 am
So girls rock up at 9, guys as per Simon’s instructions (man not boat).
HOTY After Party
Also a reminder to everyone of the after party at Powerhouse rowing club which is for all rowers not just hoty rowers. We would like to have a good rrc turn out (gives us people to talk to without having to worry about small talk).
Simon is organising a water taxi for those too soft to swim or too poor to have their own chauffer (or their Chauffer is on annual leave).
The HOTY after party gets hip this year compliments of Powerhouse and it is guaranteed to be a blast. It is a good time to see if they wear green after hours and drink as hard as they row. Feel free to accidentally spill a drink on the two meanies who whooped me and JK at Essendon last year (I think JK was having a bad day).
Cost for the water taxi and the BBQ is a bargain at $35.
Not to be outdone with my internet prowess, Nicole has raised the bar. Lots of good info, if you can hear Simon (man not boat) clearly then you may be part canine, or kept awake easily by sounds such as your hair growing, the sounds of cotton wool being rubbed on felt and worms in the garden.
HOTY Preview:
Chrissie Cards
Now this is a great fundraiser, a bit more chewy than the freddos but VERY cool. Not only that, all the people who you send cards to once a year will think you’re uber cool and your card will sh*t all over the one they send you with a reindeer on it (unless of course they are a reindeer, then they will trump you).
Christmas Cards:
Hamilton Sign Up
The Hamilton regatta sign up closed last Friday. Email Barry if you changed your mind and want to come, are suddenly free, had not read my blogs for the last month and know nothing about it, or your partner is nagging and you are with Vodafone and feel like a weekend of no mobile coverage. [email protected]
Boxersize on Monday Is on at 6.20, think about it boxing gloves and your coach in one place! And it’s on a Monday and Mondays always make me ANGRY, 5 days in front of me of dusting the glasses in the bar, digging old party pies out of the pie warmer, and protecting taped oars with my life.
TIME TRIAL One more time trial on Sunday the 13th of December.
Katie Gray (PA to just about everyone)