Good news RE. Parking permits

Thankfully the council have amended their earlier error in only issuing us temporary parking permits.
I’m pleased to inform you that we now have the 4hour permits that allow parking Monday-Friday prior to 9am and after 3pm and Saturday to Sunday anytime at the back of the boathouses. These are limited though and we do not have enough for every member! So we ask you all if you borrow one – from the locked storage box in the back stairwell, PLEASE return it straight after your row so it can be available to another member who may need it.
Also remember that at weekends there is NO CHARGE for parking along boathouse drive, so you do not have to be behind the boathouses.
We do offer our committee members and regular coaches access to Parking permits so please see head of rowing if you would like to request one.
Apologies for the confusion at the beginning of the month when the wrong permits were issued to us by the council.