Redevelopment FAQ – Design

Who decided the design of the new building?
The Committee and MLC have engaged FMSA Architects to design the new building.
During the design phase of the project FMSA, Franziska and Liz met with MLC on a fortnightly basis, and alternatively with RRC to discuss design ideas and requirements.
Final design approval is subject to agreement by both RRC and MLC.
When can we see what the new clubhouse will look like?
For those that attended the RRC Presentation night on 2 June you would have been taken through the plan for the interior layout of the new clubhouse by Emma and seen a copy of the proposed design.
During June and July FMSA, with the project team and MLC, have progressed the design for the clubs exterior including possible options for the materials/finishes that might be used.
Some of the considerations in determining the final look for the club include: material durability, cost, future maintenance, graffiti, aesthetic and connection to the existing structure.
While the design for the interior has been agreed upon, no decisions have been made on the exterior. However it is intended that final design will be available for member viewing at the upcoming AGM on 28 July. At this meeting there will be a full briefing and 3D drawings available on the clubhouse design.
Copies of the final drawings will be made available on the club website/blog as soon as RRC and MLC have reached agreement.