2022 Club races and Christmas lunch

We had a big day on Sunday 11th December with club races, boat naming and the club Christmas lunch. Thankfully the weather was glorious for most of the day, only turning to showers at the very end.

Club races

3 Richmond eights were ready and keen for the splash and dash 300m course and the competition was fierce.
Ambush – coxed by Jack: Cynthia, James, Millie, Alex, Rohan, Pat, Allan, Tim E
D. Begg – coxed by Kathy: Caley, Keith, Pavel, Mikey G, Tom, Kim, Sep, John B
Minerva – coxed by Will: Rebecca, Emily B, Lily, Anthea, Andrew, Ben, Dennis and Justin, who also ended up winners! Well done to all participants.

Boat naming

Richmond RC is very lucky to have acquired a beautiful Hudson 8, graciously donated by the Sullivan family and sponsored by Leemark. Heartfelt thank you to Chris and Leigh Sullivan for their incredibly generous gift, which will no doubt be appreciated for many years to come.
The boat naming celebration was setup at the front of the club and the 8 has been christened the “Minerva”, roman goddess of wisdom and counterpart to the Greek deity Athena. She was the goddess of justice, strategic war and victory, who emerged fully formed and armoured from the head of her father Jupiter. More importantly, Minerva is also the name of one of Richmond RC’s very first boats in the 1863 original fleet. An apt name and a lovely throwback to the club’s origins.

Christine Sullivan and some exploding bubbles on the Minerva

Christmas lunch

All our squads came together to decorate the hall & make sure we were in full festive spirit for the afternoon. The food was delicious, crackers popping with terrible jokes enjoyed by all, along with spectacularly Christmassy music. But the best part as always was the company.

Thank yous

Helen Pearce – Event organisation, marketing & desserts
Christine Sullivan – Club race logistics & crews
Will Golding, Jack Hellerstedt & Kathy Macrow – Coxing for club races
Amy Catlin – Christmas lunch catering
Diana Vernon – Serving food
Anthea Amos, Kathy Macrow, Dennis Beck, Amy Catlin, Lily Innes-Irons, Kim Begelhole & Ally Dejaegher – Bar service
James Merrett & Jack Hellerstedt – Clean-up & dishes
All Women & Men’s squad on the day – Christmas decorations and set-up

Boat naming ceremony for the Kathy Macrow & the Derek Begg

On 24/2/22 we formalised two new members of our fleet.

Our new Sykes 4/x+ has been formally christened the Kathy Macrow, for our current treasurer and long-serving committee member who has been a member since 2009. In addition to all her high-level administration for the club, she runs the Tiger social rowing program, a key cornerstone of our goal to make rowing accessible to a broad spectrum of commitment levels and ability.

Hail, Poseidon,
Holder of the Earth
dark-haired lord
O blessed one
be kindly in heart and help those who voyage in ships!

Let it be known
From this day hence
This boat of ours
Is properly named
The Kathy Macrow

The Captain

We doubled down on our off-cycle opportunistic purchase by de-naming the TBFKDB, to christen our new Empacher 8+ (‘The Glendalough’) the Derek Begg. A member since 2004, Derek has served in many capacities on & especially off the committee, and is presently coaching & coxing for the men in their ’21-’22 seasonal incarnation as a big boat squad.

Lifetime member Dennis Beck (left) introducing Derek (middle) with John Carey (right) listening intently.

Across the faraway ocean
Across the faraway sea
Across the land
And across the waters
Poseidon, hear my plea

Divine ruler heed my call
Answer me true
In the light of day
Or in the dark of night
Lend me your strength
Your power
And your will to fight

Let it be known
From this day hence
The boat that was
The Derek Begg
Shall no longer hold this name

Let it be known
From this day hence
This is the boat
That shall carry that name

The Captain
Derek after coxing the MB8+ to victory at state champs in Ballarat