Boathouse access update

Thanks to everyone for all their help this weekend with clearing out the boathouse.
As of now we do not have access to our boat bay or any of the upstairs level. If you left things in a locker they have been removed and stored in the bar and can not be claimed until we regain access in July.
Please be advised for health and safety reasons that access to the boathouse is restricted until Wednesday as the builders are setting up for demolition works. We will update you on access arrangements later this week once finalised with the builders.
Temporary changeroom and toilet facilities will be available from Wednesday at Mercantile Rowing Club, there will be four access cards, 2 for mens, 2 for womens. Please contact the captain for more information [email protected] Please note that the arrangement with Mercantile does NOT include access to lockers or usage of their gymnasium.
It is vital during this time that everyone makes sure to sign in and out in the boat log book which is located on the workbench at the rear of the MLC bay to prevent accidentally being locked out of the shed. During this time we are operating a reduced fleet all of which is located at the front of the MLC bay.
We have the Ian Taylor and the Tim Evans for eights
Don Dudgeon, DEMN and Simon Crunden for coxed quads/fours
Roberto Perrillo coxless quad
Siberian Tiger, Lucy Crunden and Rod Hendley for doubles/pairs.
Club oars will also be in the MLC bay.
For any queries please contact Barry Campbell via [email protected] or 0407551503.