Back from Straddie

Back on board and refreshed having just spent a week on the magnificent Stradbroke Island.
A few things kick off the week. I have almost completed the rowing plan for the rest of the season but will need some input from you to finish it off.
Looking at who we have in the squad at the moment I believe that we have the people for an eight and either a quad scull or four. The regattas that I would like to aim for in these boats in Melbourne Head, Head of the Yarra (HOTY) and Hamilton. If we can squeeze in Barwon head that would be a bonus but we can get just as much from doing a good session up to Hawthorn and back without the loading and unloading of boats and the dreaded travel.
I would like you to complete the following survey (Click here to take survey) to give me a head start on what your availability is like for a few regattas that we have coming up to the end of the year. If you could complete this by the end of the week (Friday 16 Oct) I would really appreciate it.
This Saturday (17 Oct) I would like to spend 30 minutes prior to the row going through the basis on the rowing plan up until March next year as I will need your feedback on a number of items to make sure I am on track. I will try and get a bit of information out by the end of the week to get you thinking so keep an eye out for that.  
Next Saturday (24 Oct) I have planned a ‘Selection Saturday’ where I intend to do seat racing to have a good look at combinations for the races that we are aiming for depending on who is nominating for what.  
I also need you all to do a 20 minute ergo by the end of next week (25 Oct) if you are putting your hand up for HOTY or Melbourne Head.
The rating cap for the ergo is 26 spm and if you have a heart rate monitor make sure you wear it so you can pace yourself through the 20 minutes. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor and would like to use one then let me know and I will bring a few down to the club on Thursday. Please record your 500 metre splits and rating on the spreadsheet (if you don’t know where that is then let me know and I will provide you the link).
If you have not received the emails…there are a couple of updates from Emma on the how the club is faring at the World Masters Games…they are posted on the club website. Click on the link for more details:
That’s about it for the moment….see you all on Thursday.