Working bee

To steal a line from the Phantom, For those that came in late…..
we announced we would be having a working bee on Sunday 19th of April in the last Easy Oar but most of you have probably forgotten all about it and have exciting plans of being anywhere but at the rowing club in your worst work-wear mucking out the sheds. Well that’s a pity as you will miss out on being in on the kick off of Phase 2 of the RRC renovations.
Members have probably been thinking for a while now we’ve got this shiny new upstairs area but the RRC rowing bay is looking a little worn and dated and could do with a revamp. You’re right and on Sunday 19th of April we take the first steps in scoping out the future layout and configuration of the existing RRC bays and to do this we need bodies armed with measuring tapes and helping hands to carry boats or oars in and out to see if any of the new configuration ideas are going to give to work. In fact if you have an idea for a layout please feel free to make a suggestion.
We’ll also be doing a few of the usual things we do at working bees too. Cleaning out the shed. Throwing out accumulated junk, painting things, sanding oars and filling in dings, making new V-pieces for sculls to go on the trailer. Surveying the boats for any major repairs in the off season and noting worn parts for replacement. So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to fix something yourself now is the time to learn.
Bring your dungarees and old painting gear as it’s likely to be a little messy. We’ll kick off from 9.30am and see how much we can get done by 2pm. Many hands make light work. If you can spare an hour or two around training, or commitments we’d appreciate it.
We’ll need a few extra tools too so if you have spare paint brushes, paint trays or a paint roller and long extension handle or a heat gun and measuring tape at home please bring it and don’t forget your marigolds.
Barry Campbell, RRC Captain