Venue Hires

A quick update on venue hires as we are starting to get lots of bookings.
We have appointed 5 caterers to use the RRC Boathouse as a venue for bookings. You can see information relating to these on the Venues page of the website. These caterers manage all aspects of a venue hire for us, giving us a professional image.
All caterers have access to the boathouse for the purpose of showing potential clients the venue and also for setting up and holding functions. Mainly clients will visit during the day when most rowers are not around, but if you do see people who are clearly looking at the boathouse as a venue, please just let them continue – the caterers know everything they need to in order to sell the venue.
We are putting all our bookings onto the calendar on the blog so that you know when the boathouse will be booked. Venue hires are a major fundraiser for us – potentially worth a new boat a year –  so please be considerate when a venue hire is in progress.
During a venue hire:
– You can still access the changerooms and gym as normal via the back stairs.
– You can open the wall between the gym and classroom if the classroom is not being used for the function but please ensure that all the blinds in the classroom are down.
– Please keep the changeroom, gym and internal boat bay doors shut to ensure security of your and the club’s possessions.
Caterers will have access to set up for a function from 2 hours before the start time. Once they start setting up,  please do not enter function areas.
Caterers will close up after a function. However, rowers should close up the boat bays as usual and leave via the rear doors.
Thanks for you help in making the most of our fundraising opportunity from venue hires.