Updated RRC actions re COVID-19 – important actions to be adhered to

The situation continues to develop quickly, with the AHPCC providing guidance related to Community Sports including gym today.
The Committee is conscious of the positive physical and mental well being effects of rowing and social activity at this time and would like to keep the club operating as much as possible, however we are also taking into account official guidance provided.
It is important to understand that community sport and gyms have not been closed at the current time, however guidance continues to evolve.
The club remains open for those wanting to train and row, this is in line with current guidance should there be any update we will let you know. Members should consider the guidance and their personal situation to make their own decisions on how you train.
As a result of the guidance RRC have taken the following actions as of today, we would appreciate your support to address this:

  • The gym is closed – Given the close proximity and cleaning issues the gym area (weights etc) is closed immediately until we have an appropriate cleaning strategy in place to align with expert guidance. This is non negotiable for everyone’s safety.
  • Ergos and Ergbike must be separated by 1.5m when used – the ergos are available for use on the deck (preferred), in the classroom and main hall. Please bring and use your own towel. They must be separated by at least 1.5m when in use. Before use, wash your hand thoroughly and clean the erg. After use thoroughly clean the erg with wipes provided, wash your hand and shower.
  • Monday night boxercise is cancelled due to close proximity of exercise – we suggest coordinating and group or individual run outside in the short term. We are looking at running a yoga or core session, look out for details, however your own mats etc will be required.
  • On water activities continue to be available with appropriate hygiene considerations – consider your own circumstances and assess attendance at training. We plan to allocate training time to squads before Sunday to encourage social distancing at the club and in the change rooms where possible along with access to smaller boats
  • All boats must be booked online – in order to track boat usage we require all boats to be booked using Sportsnoticeboard. This should be in line with squad training time allocations. Please also include all crew names in sign out sheets to track who rowed with who.

Good hygiene continues to be essential. See the detailed guidance from previous posts. Please wash hands, boats, oars etc. Clean ergs thoroughly. Shower after training. Do not leave used towels and clothing in change rooms.
If you feel unwell do not visit the club  – please follow Government advice if you present with any symptoms or if you have travelled overseas.
If you have a positive test in relation to COVID-19 please let the Committee know immediately so we can assess your contact with club members and facilities and we may take appropriate action regarding club facilities.
We will continue to provide regular updates as the advice and situation develops.