Update from the Captain

We have returned the steering to both the Lucy Crunden & Robert Hendley to increase our fleet flexibility. On the booking board indicate your rigging preference with (D) for double or (P) for pair.
The double rigger bolt holes have been honed out to make rigging as doubles easier. The LC Double riggers are numbered back to front and 2 is bow seat 1 is stern seat.
Please allow a little extra time at the beginning of your training session to rig the boat in the configuration required for your session. If you know a crew will be rowing it as a pair or double after your session you can win friends & favours by rigging it ready for them to use. The Captain may even shout you a coffee.
Please do not remove the steering without consulting the Captain first as there is a way to do this simply so it can be put back in again.
The Siberian Tiger is permanently rigged as a double and is available as an alternative if not booked by another crew.
If we all follow the above simple guidelines we can make the maximum usage of our limited fleet and everyone can enjoy a hassle free row.
Thankyou all.