RRC Head Season Training Camp 2019

Thoughts of a ‘never camper’
This was my first rowing camp. This was my first brush with a camping experience of any kind, period. I rocked up with a mind full of newbie questions: what’s it going to be like? ‘how remote is Nagambie if I forget something’? As a result, I packed like I was preparing for an apocalypse – gear for every weather condition and snacks for every hunger level. Also, someone please explain ‘box biting’?
Getting to Nagambie
The drive to Nagambie the one of the most beautiful experiences. I carpooled with the Hardys (Sarah and Matt) who knew the roads we were travelling so well. The conversation was lively, lolly supply generous and the drive itself was a super unwinding experience with views of endless canola fields and at one point, alpacas!
The first thing that strikes you on reaching the cabins is the spectacular view of lake.

I spent a good half hour on my cabin deck just taking it all in. The weather was surprisingly sunny and bright for most of the weekend, and a glimpse of the summer to come. That evening, we got ready for our first row, which for me was a quad. This row helped me get a feel of the lake with its many buoys and weeds.

We ended the day with a drink at the pub followed by a box-biting demonstration from the reigning champion himself, Keith, back in the cabins.
Rowing Hard
Saturday started super early with a view of a gorgeous sunrise from the cabin deck.

The first session of the day was a quad again but this time, we went up the Goulbourn river with Kathy coxing us (thanks a ton!). We had a shaky start to begin with, mostly because our crew hadn’t rowed together and we all brought our unique styles. But we kept at it with our cox and Michael coaching us from the ‘tinny’ through the second and third sessions that day. All the hard work was made worth it by the carrot cake at lunch (I still get dreams of it). The last row of the day was a highlight because it was my first time in a single skull. Though, the looks of trepidation on Barry and Michael’s faces while I almost tipped the boat getting in were priceless. I had a constant mental record of “hands together”, “oars feathered”, “DON’T FALL IN”!
Saturday night BBQ left me in a food coma. I unapologetically went for a second round, it was that good. Then came box biting. I would still like to know the origins of the tradition; if you know, stop and share. We had 2 rounds of everyone trying until it came down to the final round. Of course Keith won, but I think we also spotted an emerging talent in Pippa who gave him some tough competition. The general strategy seems to be picking the highest edge of the box. Until next camp, my strategy is going to be practicing Yoga to maintain develop the balance and flexibility!
All the coaching and practice from Saturday came to head on our Sunday rows. By now, a few of us from DS had been working as a consistent crew. If Saturday was shaky, Sunday was strong and sturdy. I count them as one of the best rows I’ve had. We had a moment going up the river when we held the boat still to just take in sounds of the birds and look at the giant pelicans. A far cry from the urban sounds and sights of Melbourne.
Can’t thank everyone who organised, coached and coxed for the weekend enough.

All in all, here are my somewhat helpful ‘pro tips’ for first-time campers:

  • Bring snacks, lots of them
  • Don’t skip the cake
  • Bring Beer (or your poison of choice), you’ll need it after a hard day’s row
  • Nearest good coffee is at a café called Foxhole, but be prepared for a 20-minute wait (resulting in a missed session on water!)
  • About 50% of people at boat loading/unloading are as clueless as you but acting super purposeful. You’re not alone!

Its been a few weeks since Camp now, and I can feel the change in my technique. Looking forward to next year.
Saloni Dikshit

Save the date – RRC training camp – 13-15 September 2019

RRC’s Spring Training camp date has been locked in over the weekend of 13-15 September 2019 at Nagambie.
Consistent with last year we have booked accommodation at the Nagambie Leisure Park on the nights of 13 and 14 September. For those attending we will have on water sessions on 14 and 15 September on both the regatta course and river. If you can get the day off work on 13 September, there will be the opportunity for some additional casual sessions also.
Full details to follow soon. Lock the date in your diary – it’s a great reason to start your Winter training now !!!

Camp 2016

Thursday night: The trip didn’t seem like it was getting off on the right foot when we left Melbourne on a cold, rainy night for the 2 hour dark drive up to Nagambie. After an exhausting week at work we arrived at the campsite and already we had encountered our first challenge, a boom gate. Thanks to organisation queen Kathy’s email “most” of us got through without a hitch – others needed to wake up the locals only to be reminded that the code had already been sent out. A couple of U-turns later we found our cabins and settled in for the night.
Day 1: Early morning wake-up call. It seemed each cabin had a morning person and ours was Edwina. Leaping out of her bed at 5:30 AM and annoying those who wanted an extra 10 minutes (or 2 hours!) snooze. Yash wasn’t quite coping but a coffee delivered to bed fixed her up soon enough.
Again the weather didn’t seem to be ideal, cold, rainy, and muddy we set out for the day. Down to the lake at 6:15 to rig the boats, a quick meet & greet and then straight on to the water. Given that 2 hours is about the most any of us beginners have rowed in a day we were in for some hurt. We had a massive 6 hours ahead of us and despite the enthusiasm, it wasn’t easy! (How do the regular members keep up their energy?!) One of the most enjoyable parts of the day was the barbeque, which we were all excited about! Over some delicious BBQ the DS heard some great stories and advice form rowing veterans, mainly Rob.

bbqThe BBQ crew

Fed and somewhat rested it was then time for the box biting challenge to begin. For those who couldn’t stay out to watch, Dave was live on facebook, moving around the cabins to make sure nobody missed out (rumour has it that he was locked out of his own cabin!!). It came down to a battle to the death between Alan & Edwina but it was a win for the girls and the DS!
Day 2: Another early start, another coffee for Yash, two morning rows and some new experiences for us all. Yash had her first go at being a coxswain for RRC. Following a “slight” disastrous coxing experience in another club, she considered it a win by not sinking the boat. Well done
Edwina had her first go in a double with Jen. She thought she was killing it until she realised Jen had been balancing the boat the entire time. It’s okay Edwina, we think you killed it. Then we went to the pub for the AFL grand finale. Most patrons supported the Dogs, but for Yash and Edwina even watching the game was a new experience. The most heartbreaking moment of the day was watching Kathy’s face of disappointment at the Swan’s defeat, her fault for following a team from Sydney I guess (just kidding). After a long afternoon of eating & drinking, most of us were ready for an early night.
Day 3: This was probably the most difficult morning start. Packing up the cabins before the first row wasn’t what we had in mind after 2 days of rowing. But all good things must come to an end. The killer sunrise made us hopeful but the wind made it difficult, the water was choppy and there were a few grumpy seats in boats.

sunriseDay 3: Killer sunrise!!

The fatigue and empty headedness showed as we all let go of our oars when Rebecca told us to throw up our arms for a photo, we didn’t realise she was joking…..For the last session the other crews raced each other but DS were struggling to keep the balance of the boat amongst all the waves. By the end of it we weren’t sure which had more water in it, the lake or our boat.

hands-in-the-airPut your hand in the air like you don’t care!! Not a good idea.

With all the fun over it was time to pay our dues, as if our muscles hadn’t suffered enough over the last few days. De-rigging, boat loading, car-packing and back to Melbourne for re-rigging, boat unloading and car unpacking as well as washing the boats & oars. At least the sun was shining?
We don’t know about everyone else, but I was asleep by 8 that night and looking forward to sleep past 5:30 AM. What a weekend! Thanks for everyone who organised the weekend – especially Kathy, Tim, Barry & the coaches but also to all the other members for including and supporting us. We not only had a great time but bonded well as a team despite a lack of sleep and a bunch of blisters. We are sure all of the DS feel the same way, sore, glad, grateful and keen to go again – we had such a great weekend!
-Edwina & Yash

RRC fun in the sun

RRC Nagambie training camp Sept 2015
RRC Nagambie training camp Sept 2015

The past few weeks have seen much activity at RRC and the sun has been shining on us as we get stuck in to preparing for the head racing season.
There was the club races and delicious brunch put on by the mens squad a few weeks ago which gave us the perfect opportunity to get all the club mixing in a complete assortment of crews drawn randomly from a hat.
This was followed by the glorious conditions of our weekend training camp in Nagambie which saw crews really benefit from some intensive technical focus both on the lake and the Goulburn River. With 58 people (and one excitable dog) in attendance RRC took over the rowing peninsula for the whole weekend with 5 sessions on the water culminating in some spectacular handicapped racing. Thank you to all our coaches, coxes and helpers who pitched in to make the weekend a success, especially Barry for towing the trailer, Nic for bringing up the singles, Tim and Scott for towing the tinnies. All the tinnie drivers and coxes for the weekend, Geraldine Goss for developing the session plans and the DS squad who prepared an awesome Saturday night meal for the masses. A special mention to Kathy Macrow who was unable to attend and enjoy the weekend herself but still put in an enormous amount of work behind the scenes to ensure it ran smoothly.
Finally last weekend as the sun shone once more upon Melbourne we took advantage of our glorious deck and superb clubhouse to host a hugely successful AFL grand final BBQ. Despite the slightly one sided match everyone was kept entertained and enthralled as we watched to see if our lucky players scored a goal to win us a drink or the winning margin or Norm Smith medal winner would also win us some dollars. The day was enjoyed by all, even the West Coast fans congratulated us on a great party. Thanks to Cat Hardie for her fundraising exploits, Barry for his work on the BBQ and all those who blew up balloons, helped with set-up/clean-up and worked on the bar over the course of the day we couldn’t have done it without you.
grand final
Now the focus moves to the three big upcoming head races, Head of the Goulburn, Melbourne Head and Head of the Yarra. Crews will be selected in the next week and I remind all of you to ensure your coaches know your availability for these events and ensure that you sign up to the regular squad training sessions on Sports Noticeboard to guarantee we get the maximum benefit out of the next few weeks of training sessions. Our coach mentor, Sue Chapman Popa will be attending many of these and we want to have all crews prepared for a great head racing season. While you’re thinking about training bear in mind this weekend is Around the Bay in a Day so there will be no parking and restricted vehicle access to boathouse drive from Wednesday – Sunday so ensure you leave yourself enough time to get to the boathouse. You can check what’s going on in terms of club and boathouse drive events on the club noticeboard or anytime on our calendar so keep an eye out.
See you all the club again soon.

Only a few days until camp….

I hope everyone is looking forward to a fun filled weekend at Nagambie, the coaches and committee have been hard at work planning everything, please let the secretary know if you have not received an email detailing your cabin and travel arrangements.
For those who have not been on a Richmond training camp before or who have not been to Nagambie make sure you take a look at the briefing document that has been together detailing what you need to bring.
Also don’t forget that for an away camp to happen we need to get the boats derigged, on the trailer and up to Nagambie, so Thursday’s nights normal training session will be boat loading at the clubhouse. If you want boats to row please try to attend and bring your spanners 🙂

Richmond Rowing Club Camp 2013

Various people have been busy in the background organising the 2013 Richmond Rowing Club Box Biting Championship.

What’s Box biting you say?
Well the only way you will find out is to attend the RICHMOND ROWING CLUB PRESEASON CAMP on the 4th 5th and 6th of October at Lake Nagambie.
Lake Nagambie is just 90 mins drive from Melbourne via the Hume Highway, located on the Goulbourn river and nestled amongst some of Victoria’s premier wine country although we may actually do some rowing too it is camp after all.
Your Cruise Director Rochelle be organising your cabins at the picturesque http://www.nagambielakespark.com.au/
We’ll send out additional details shortly including a packing list, member survey and how to get there details.