RRC Club Calendar 2014/15

I am very pleased to be able to share with you the 2014/15 season calendar for RRC. I encourage you all to use this as a guide to help plan the upcoming rowing year and mark those all important dates in your diaries.
I can not promise there won’t be any alterations/ammendments over the course of 11 months but the committee has worked hard to try to lock in the important dates so you all have a good knowledge of what we have to look forward to this year. With the number of active rowers we are seeing at training currently I am feeling very confident that we will have a great year.
Can I just remind/advise you all to check the events listings on the website and the online, interactive club calendar throughout the year which does include more details regarding events and will be kept updated.
Also if anyone has ideas about more events rowing, social or fundraising or would like to offer themselves as a volunteer to organise or help co-ordinate any of these events please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated .
So download the calendar now and stick it on your wall.
[wpfilebase tag=file path=’Club calendar.pdf’ /]