Australian Masters Championships – last regatta of the season

This is officially the blog article that took the longest to write… And I will justify myself by hiding behind the cliché that French people are always late.
A few of us (namely Geraldine, Michelle, Stef, Karen, Karissa, Ross, Christine, Morgan and the legendary Raymond Dennis) had the chance to go to the Sunshine Coast (and I really insist on the word “sunshine”) at the beginning of June to participate in the 2016 Australian Masters Rowing Championships. What an epic weekend with Richmond taking part in not less than 28 events and bringing home a total of 11 medals. This is without mentioning the three days of non-stop thunderstorms that added a very special flavour to the whole thing (and a lot of water too) and prevented us from competing in more races since two and a half days of the regatta were cancelled due to the weather conditions (again, let’s remind ourselves that we were on the so called Sunshine coast).
One of the highlights for Richmond: the opportunity to admire Michelle’s strength and determination in getting the gold medal in the B single. A video can testify that “Go Micheeeeeeeeelle!!!” were the two words the most frequently pronounced (or should I say shouted) during the weekend.

Gold to Michelle Joy in Womens Masters B 1X
Gold to Michelle Joy in womens Masters B 1X

Gerry represented the colours of Richmond very highly as usual, bringing back several medals, including a gold medal in a composite F double. She also represented Victoria in the interstate race for the womens D quad which finished up taking the silver medal.
Gold to Geraldine Goss in the womens masters F2X
Gold to Geraldine Goss in the womens masters F2X

Ray the legend won a gold medal as well in the I eight and a few other medals but an unfortunate injury prevented him from bringing more back home.
Ray Dennis gold in the mens I8+
Ray Dennis gold in the mens I8+

While they came fourth, the A quad with Michelle, Karen, Stef and Lisa got a consolation prize with the Fastest club crew medal.
Overall, a great week-end and for me personally huge pride to have been able to take part in the national championships!
To Richmond Rowing Club and the next season starting, Hip hip hooray!!
Lisa Ortu