Presentation Night – Oh what a night….

Oh what a night…late December 1963…oh, sorry, mid July 2010. I was just having a flash back to my Uni days of awards dinners and late night dancing…good times
What a difference a month makes!
Having braved the cold night and wandered (or tottered for those of us in heels) up Swanston street in search of Gate 6 at Melbourne Uni, we were rewarded with Emma’s warm greeting and the very welcoming bar staff at Tsubu. And who knew just how glamorous our club could be….75 Richmond Rowers left the lycra (and woolly knits) at home and showed that it is not just the Men’s crew who know how to strut their fashion sense (or bulging biceps).
Having finally recognised all the members of my squad (sorry about that Kelly), remembered just how tall Tams, Em and Karen are even without 4 inch heels and given/received a great round of hugs from the long lost non-winter rowers, tables were selected and we all settled in. And the Japanese food extravaganza began. Oysters, sushi and gyoza, were all demolished in record time and then it was onto the main stage for the whole point of the shindig…presentations.
The first presentations were made to the Club Time Trial Winners.
Rachel Button took out the women’s tub scull
Sam Morrison the men’s tub scull
Geraldine Goss and Susie B the women’s tub pair
Martin Foster and Dennis Beck in the men’s tub pair
Half of Franzi’s boys lead by Charlie took out the Men’s tub 4
Rochelle Stokes, Anthea Amos, Karen Doggett, Susie Ballentyne (Mike Numa) took out the Women’s tub 4
The DS led the charge on the coaches presents with Denise Castro presenting wine and to Justin and Comedy Room tickets to the squad of coaches who have been supporting him over the last few months and la Plonketts making a special award to Kev.
With everyone duly celebrating and exclamations made over how we would have done better time trials if we had only just sorted out a crew and actually done the race, it was on to main course. Wagu, wine, wagu, beer, chicken, potatoes, wagu, beer, did I mention the wagu? It was obvious the Men’s squad had influenced the menu and we loved their work! Fabulous!
As the meat coma settled in it was time for the rest of the coaches’ presents. While Barry and Simon scored night passes to Mens Meatfest 2010 at La Luna (date still to be confirmed), Kev got a chunk of GPS, while Derek and Mike got some beautifully wrapped items (code for the beer was now adding to the meat coma).
Now the club has some big awards they make every year for people who have made significant contributions over the year both in rowing and other activities to support the club.
Big awards for the night
Simon highlighted the amazing achievements of club members in the last year presenting a series of new photographs commemorating this year’s achievements to grace the club walls;
Geraldine Goss, Carolyn Manning and Ray Dennis for their achievements at the 2010 Australian Masters Championships;
Team Richmond and their achievements at the 2009 World Master’s Games in Sydney;
Laura Schouten for her brilliant row in the single scull at the NSW Club Championships in Sydney; and
Emma Catford, Dennis Beck, Martin Foster and Nicole Stupka for their two year reign as Australian Masters Champions in the mixed quad scull (2007/08)
The major club awards were then presented to:
Don Edwards Trophy (Coxes): Derek Begg
John Sawyer Trophy (Womens’ Trophy): Geraldine Goss – was there anything she didn’t compete in this season?
Having been warned by Simon a few months ago that there was serious competition for the Mal Scott, in the end it was a three way (be still my beating heart!) between Barry Campbell, Sam Morrison and Dennis Beck
President’s Award: Simon Crunden
Then it was on to the year in photos. Collated by Karen Doggett, she had carefully pulled out all the shots where our rowing was less glamorous and focusing instead on all of the champagne rowing moments both on and off the water.
With the formal celebrations over, the camp seems to split in two, those whose only aim was to find a bed (any bed) and those who were set on dancing (or at least talking) the night away. While we missed out on the bands, we got the best of Melbourne’s lane way bars culminating in what I understand to be a RRC tradition, KFC at 3am and the long walk home. When are the bunk beds going to be installed in the sheds?
In closing I would like to propose a new post-presentation night award for bravery and sheer hardcore attitude. For while many of us were nursing hangovers or still walking home, Franzi’s Men’s 8 were out training on Sunday morning – and she isn’t even in the country! Well done boys, we expect to be celebrating your great regatta triumphs next presentation night!
To Emma and everyone who attended the evening, thanks so much for a fantastic night and see you all at camp in October!
Please note: no responsibility is taken by the author for any factual inaccuracies, it is how presentation night happened on her world, your world may have experienced a slight time shift or altered reality on the night in question.
PS – Jim is an awesome MC if you are thinking of getting married at some stage soon.
Sally McArthur