Please use the back stairs….

We are booked every day this week so please make sure you are using the back stairs to access the boathouse.
Two events that will be a bit more intrusive than normal to be aware of.

  1. Masterchef is filming an episode at the boathouse on Wednesday 30 November. It’s a great opportunity for us to promote the club but it does mean that from 5am until about 6pm the boathouse will be crawling with film crew and all the extra staff that go into such a production. If you can avoid the boathouse during these times, please do so as there will only be changeroom access.
  2. On Sunday we are hosting a charitable event. Sunday hires are unusual for us, but this is for a charity and, being not for profit ourselves we try to support such events when it is reasonable to do so.

As Karen said in her blog, we appreciate your patience at this time of year as the boathouse is heavily used. It’s great to see another brand new boat being added to the fleet this year and we hope that the current hall hires will support buying more equipment next year.