Mountains of Chocolate

There is mountains of chocolate in the bar for people to collect to sell as apart of the annual chocolate drive.

If you have not yet picked up your box of chocolates then I suggest you try and get down to the club very soon as time to sell them is rapidly running out.

Chocolates can be picked up from Nicole Stupka this Sunday at the club house from 10 am or if you cannot make it this Sunday, then the bar will be open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings next week from 7:30 am for 30 minutes or so for you to pick them up.

In case you are not aware, the chocolates are being sold to purchase new equipment for the club so we can continue our

quest for world rowing domination.

This past weekend in Sydney saw the new ‘Precious’ men’s eight on the water for the first time and what an awesome boat it is, just ask any of the blokes who rowed in it. With the club rapidly moving rowers through the ranks and extending it’s reach across a variety of competitive modes (club, interstate and masters), it would be great to have more of this type of equipment available to compete in.

So if you have not picked up your chocolates, then get down to the club or email Karen, Rochelle or Susie and organise a time to pick them up.