Kitchen and Bar Refurbishment

We have been working on designs for refurbishing the kitchen and bar. We wanted to refurbish these when we did the major renovation in 2014 but simply did not have the budget to do so. Our strong venue hire revenue in the last 3 years has positioned us to be able to do this refurbishment now.
What will change?
Firstly the look of the kitchen and bar area will change.
0459 Kitchen Perspective 01
The kitchen is being extended so that caterers can use the kitchen for most events. This will mean fewer disruptions to rowing when caterers use the gym, classroom or boat bay as food service areas.
The furniture store will be removed and become part of the kitchen. A commercial oven, domestic oven and cooktop, underbench fridge and sinks will be fitted along the back wall. Catering trestles will be purchased for flexible set up of the kitchen. The floors and walls will be stripped and re-finished.
The bar service space will be extended by removing the door into the hall. A new dishwasher / glasswasher, sink and ice maker will be fitted along the back wall. A new bench will be fitted along the front of the bar with underbench refrigeration. The floor and walls will be re-finished.
The kitchen and bar will be joined by a sliding door making access more discrete for caterers and allowing the two rooms to be joined together for larger events.
When will it happen?
We plan to sign off drawings and specifications this week and for builders to provide quotes by mid June. The timing and duration of the works depends on builder availability and we will let you know as soon as we have selected a builder. Our hope is that we can get the works completed during the winter period.
How much will it cost?
It is difficult to give accurate costs until we have quotes from builders. We have worked with the caterers and our building designer to ensure that we are being as cost effective as possible while creating a kitchen and bar that will be workable for both venue hire and club events.
Any questions?
We will provide another update when we have quotes from the builders. If you have other questions before then, please contact Lucy on the [email protected] email address