Gray Matters the handyman

Happy Midweek Rowers,
Didn’t that sneak up, I’ve scarcely had a chance to clear my head from my spring carnival (involving circa 16 bottles of champagne and in the ballpark of 300 quiches) before it’s time to rattle on to you lot.
So as it’s now a WHOLE CLUB blog, I must draw on my masculine side and also add umm GO HAWKS and umm bring on the Boxing Day Ashes? Anyone for a pie? I would like to point out that I do undertake more jobs than picking up Nicole’s Zootie from the dry cleaners and painting the paperclips black and yellow.
Just this morning I rewired the ladies lights to flash after a person sits on the toilet for more than 20 minutes (problems with sleeping MLC school children again) and re-plumbed the men’s bathroom to use the recycled toilet water in the showers, I must say that this work has NOT been undertaken by a licenced plumber and I had some issues with the latter task and I can only hope that I have the pipes the right way around……
Melbourne Head third sat of November (so the 21st) please let your coaches or the big boss Nicole Stupka know if you want to race.  Melbourne head is a huge 4.5km head race on the Yarra for all boat classes. On the bright side, the weather would have to be better than it was least year (thought the hail provided a lovely exfoliation on my blue thighs) AND you can do a running start AND you don’t need to re-rig the boats. 
Now here is a tricky one for the newbies. Melbourne Head is a difference race to head of the Yarra. So make sure you know which one you have signed up for. We’d hate to have 3 people in a boat on race day and 11 a week later as per 2008, it was either squashy or hard work and made us look ridiculous, not good as this race often gets a bit of a crowd. 
The Boss has picked the four crews for this year’s Head of the Yarra regatta (last week of November) . Click on the link for the full details: I note that despite pulling the erg to Sandringham and back I have again lost out. Which means 2 things, no more chocolate weatons for the bickie jar (plain teddies will suffice) and I have decided against donating the proceeds of my unmatching thong sculpture entitled (Yarra Scavenger) towards the staff Christmas party bar tab and will instead use it for a HUGE manicure set and devote my mornings to improving my nail care.
To further punish you, err sorry Nicole is dictating here I meant to say further prepare you for head racing season the fourth time trial will be held on November 15th with the world masters games rowers catering brunch. Now this one I think we should attend…. HUNGRY. Don’t you see the link between MASTERS CATERING and MASTER CHEF.  Hopefully this time the guys will also get a row in (and not eat all the food before we are off the water). This will be a great warm up for Melbourne head, if you want to win, get out there and get used to the distance, you’ll also know how hard you can go and what you have in the tank.
For the parma lovers out there and those who like sharing beds with team mates, sign up to HAMILTON / Wentworth. If you are good we will take you to see the Giant Wool Bales. If you are with Vodafone, say goodbye to all your friends and family for a few days. What is the Hamilton Wentworth parma no mobile coverage experience? Two days of country racing over 1000m in rural Victoria.  A sign up Survey will be posted on the blog and check out the blog or the club notice board for more info.  Also, Barry Campbell is organising the regatta, so have a chat to him or the more experienced RRC members to find out what it’s all about.
Phew, I’m getting tired, I could do with a bottle of Yellow or Pink or maybe a quiche or two, err I mean pie and a slab. There is so much news, so you should keep checking the RRC blog. How do I check the blog? and log on to the members section of the club website
To log on the web site you will need to know your user name and password, if you’re like me it will have lots of random numbers and letters and you have no chance of remembering it so write it down.
One last very important reason to log onto the website is to make sure that you are fully financial and that there is money in your race fee account and that you have paid your dues, unless you are dating Nicole or Lucy, (which limits your chances here) an original member of the Oarsome Foursome and can drag a select (light) crew through the finish flags first each time, or shouting the club a new veranda or helicopter, you have to pay.  The club has a strict “no cash, no splash” policy and your account needs to have money in it if you are to race (unless you have made prior arrangements for a payment plan with the club treasurer – Lucy Crunden).
katie gray
PANS (PA to Nicole Studka, previously PA to JK until she was transferred to the Darwin Oar Rowing Society and now champions the DORC’s up there)