Get BRO accredited – be a good rowing citizen!

If you’ve been to a regatta, you would be aware of the people around who are wearing Hi-vis vests and carrying megaphones. They’re directing you where to put your boat in/out of the water, checking bow balls and shoes to ensure rower safety, keeping the transit lanes safe, getting you lined up at the start, following the race and calling boats into their lanes, and then determining who’s won. These people are BROs (Boat Race Officials)!
As a club, RRC has to provide BROs at each regatta. Recently the BROing has been done by coaches, the captain and JL but we need to share BROing duties around as these people already do so much work at the club. We don’t want to burn them out!

Can you believe that Richmond Rowing currently has NO accredited BROs? (We do have a number of people who’ve done the course and may have some practical sessions signed off). For those who have attended the lecture within the last 12 – 18 months, you may want to check the 2015-16 Vic Regatta Calendar and plan your diary to get signed off. Top Hint: If you’re a member who’s currently competing, get your practical signoffs by attending School regattas!!
BRO Accreditation is FREE! To get accredited, you need to:

  • Attend a lecture (there’s one coming up next Thursday 18 February 6 – 7.30pm at Mercantile) Register Here
  • Get practical sign off at a regatta(s) on all 4 stations (Control, Start Marshal, Bank Umpire, Judge) You can request, on the Monday before regattas (by emailing [email protected]), to be put on stations to fast track your accreditation). More details
    • As a Level 1, you will be supervised by more experience BROs (so don’t panic about this!!)
  • This accreditation lasts 4 years

What’s in it for you?
In addition to being a good rowing citizen, and giving back to the club (that’s giving to you) when you BRO, you will gain an understanding of the “infrastructure” which keeps you safe in competition and ensures fair racing. And, you can do something useful while you’re waiting half a day for your next race at a regatta.
If you want to continue along the Boat Race Official pathway, and graduate to Level 2 or Level 3, you may be able to officiate at National or International Events!