Continued Expansion of RRC Fleet

Through the first half of this financial year the club expanded our fleet with some second hand purchases, adding 2 stern coxed quad/fours and a number of singles to assist with our socially distanced rowing.

The Committee has also recently purchased an ex National Training Centre Sykes women’s lightweight double. This is a top of the range boat to support our highly competitive crews and requires the captains permission to row it. This boat is to be named the Franzi Locher. Franzi was a club member, rower and coach for a number of years and was the architect of the most recent renovation of the club house. Given the funds we receive from hiring our venue has contributed to our fleet expansion in recent years it is fitting that we honour the architect in this way.

We have also purchased and received a new Sykes men’s double as we improve the quality of our fleet including our smaller boats which are seeing more use. Again, this boat is not a general use boat and it requires the captain’s permission to row it. This boat is to be named the Emma Catford. Emma is a past president of Richmond Rowing Club, serving for 5 years in the role to 2013. Significant work was done by the Committee over that time to plan the renovation including reaching agreements with Melbourne City Council and MLC such that the club has been able to grow significantly since then. Emma was also a very successful rower throughout her time at the club.

It is great to have an expanded and newer fleet in the shed, this has been achieved through careful management of our finances and the income we receive from our hall hires – thank you to everyone who contributed to this.

We plan to christen these boats at our upcoming club BBQ on May 16th. Look out for details soon.

It is also important we continue to safeguard our fleet to minimise damage both on the water and in the shed, any damage to our fleet takes them out of action and the repairs eat into our funds for new boats. Please continue to be careful in the shed with oars and riggers when moving around, don’t leave boats unattended on trestles and take appropriate safeguards on the water with lights when dark and paying attention to the increasing river traffic.