Coaching / Coxing assistance for the DS – Development Opportunity!

Hi Everyone,
We’ve just completed a packed Learn to Row course with 21 people taking part. A massive thank you to all the volunteers from the club who came down to help out!
It was a huge success and it looks like we’re going to end up with a new DS with somewhere between 12 – 20 rowers!
To help with resourcing (and boats) I have planned for the DS to train on Wednesday Evenings and a double Session on Saturday mornings avoiding likely squad training times. I’m now looking for volunteers to help coach /cox the crews on these days. I’m looking for volunteers who can help:
– Regularly (e.g. 1 or more sessions per week)
– Semi – regularly (e.g. 1 session a fortnight)
– Given period (i.e. for one week only, a single day, once a month or whatever every little will help)
It’s a great opportunity to practice coxing and improve your confidence if you’ve not done a lot but also gives an opportunity if you’re an existing rower who has considered coaching a great way to transition from Rower to Coach without impacting your own existing training schedule.  So even if it’s one or two days, every little would help and it will provide our new novices with a breadth of rowing knowledge and experience.
I will be running the coordination and programming so please shoot me an email ([email protected]) if you are keen to help and let me know what you are willing to commit to or which days you might be available.
Cat Hardie