It was 4 degrees in Melbourne this morning….I wonder what it was like in Bali

A few RRC notables headed to Bali last week to escape the winter blues and tune up their surf skills….this is how they are progressing:

Dennis looking down the line on a nice left hand wave (even looks as if he knows what he is doing)

Jim sizing up the face for a forehand snap?

Julia cruising on a small clean wave

Martin milking the wave for a nice clean face

Sam ponding his choice of wave with a big set looming out the back

Dave in the whitewater

PJ rocking in the whitewater (in Dave's rashie)

Michael Jackson Party @ RRC

At approximately 7pm the sounds of Michael Jackson in all his glory will be heard echoing from the clubhouse.  Yep – it’s time to party. We haven’t done one of these ‘social’ evening get together things for a while and I think it’s time for us to let our hair down and boogie! So break out your best party outfit and start practicing the moon walk because it will all be on show on Friday night.
Bring your work colleagues, friends, family, partners and whoever else you think might enjoy the night. Come and dance, chat and unwind after a week at work.  It would be great to see you all there – don’t make me do a solo! I haven’t been following ‘dancing with the stars’ so it could be really painful for everyone.
Any offers of help on the night would be greatly appreciated – any questions re. volunteering or whether you should dress up in the early Michael years or the latter – more plastic ones – you can talk to me!
Emma Catford
RRC party poster

Joel in J'Bay

Straying from the bedpost a bit by posting this but for all those who are keen on a bit of surf you need to check this out. Joel Parkinson at J’Bay in South Africa riding the perfect barrel. Click on the link then click on Round 3 Heat 4.