Boathouse Warming Purchases

Thank you to everyone who purchased items on the Boathouse Warming Gift List. We are busy organising the purchase of these items and you will find that the crockery and serving bowls and platters are already at the boathouse (and have been used for recent club events!).
RRC has received a generous donation of a coffee machine from Thalia (thanks Thalia!) and we hope that you are enjoying coffee on the terrace after Sunday morning training. For those that made a donation to purchase a coffee machine, we would like to redirect your donation to another item on the list as not all items were purchased by members. Be assured that your donation will still go towards an item that was on the list that helps set up the boathouse for your use.
The sound system for the gym was fully funded by members and will be purchased in the next few weeks to help make those ergos more enjoyable!