Richmond to christen two new boats

In 2009 RRC added two new boats to its fleet – a Regulation ‘Tub’ Four and Coxless Quad (which was actually purchased in 2008, however required repairs).  These categories of boat class provide us with the ability to cater for the breadth of rowers that RRC now has from those starting out in the sport and others whom are now hitting ‘masters’ age and needing coxless boats to compete in.
It is with great pleasure that I am now able to inform all members of the names for the two boats:
Justin Thomas – Tub Four
Roberto Perillo – Coxless Quad
Justin Thomas
For many current members Justin was perhaps the first person they spoke to or certainly had as a coach, through his management of the Development Squad and Learn to Row over the last few years. Justin has been a member at RRC for six years, spending two of those as Vice-President. Justin has definitely been one of the key people behind keeping the Development Squad going, with the help of many other dedicated coaches. This season our numbers in the DS are really strong and we look to have another large contingent join us soon with the start of our next Learn to Row course in April. While Justin’s sense of humour is not every ones taste, I know him to be forever interested in the growth of those in the DS, flexible, accommodating and willing to give a hand wherever it is needed.
Roberto Perillo
Roberto is keeping a lower profile at RRC these days, choosing to row a little closer to home on the Maribyrnong.  Roberto joined Richmond in 1990 and has maintained a healthy obsession of the sport – rowing out of not one but three sheds, with memberships at both Essendon and Mercantile Rowing Clubs. Roberto, a Life Member, has fulfilled the role of Captain for three years and coach of numerous masters crews. Despite Roberto’s efforts off the water he’s no slouch when he gets in boat, being a competitive Masters rower both on home turf in Victoria, nationally and has also competed at the last two World Masters Games in Canada and Australia.  Roberto, among others, was one of the key members to get this vessel – also fondly known as ‘Minute-2-Midnight’ due to the round the clock work that went into getting it river ready.  Like Justin, Roberto has a keen love of rowing and all that comes with it.
Another thing both these members have in common is their voluntary contribution to RRC over the years, providing many people with the opportunity to enjoy rowing.  RRC is fortunate to have a strong ethos of volunteering throughout the club and prides itself on being a community sporting club through making rowing accessible to all.  The club would not survive without the support and commitment from members that give their time to coach and cox crews, keep the fleet on the water, manage facilities, conduct fundraising activities, support and instigate social events and many other behind the scene activities.
Congratulations Roberto and Justin – and thank you