Boat Christening no. 3.

Wow what a treat – it’s not too often that Richmond gets to christen three boats in one season. In case you have been under a rock, we recently celebrated the addition of the new tub four, aka ‘Justin Thomas’, and the coxless quad – ‘Roberto Perillo’ into the family. This new boat is extra special because we are its first home – yes it’s a brand newie. Another cool thing is that it is also the largest piece of equipment any club is likely to own – a heavy weight eight.
The club is booming at the moment so there is no shortage of bums for the 9 seats. Our ability to purchase this boat is testament to the hard work of every member at RRC. The fundraising activities over the last season, and ensuring that we recoup all fees, as enabled the committee to go shopping – always fun!
Now to get this boat on the water you need a lot of friends – or perhaps family. So it is maybe no surprise that the most appropriate name to be bestowed to it is – The Schouten Family.
Now the Schouten’s story is long, but I’m just going to give you a few facts about why we should name the 8+ after them. The Schouten’s have produced some excellent rowers – Peter, Ben, Laura, Tom, Rob, Nick, all of whom have competed, and won, at Junior, Youth, State and National levels. Jenny while not often seen on the water, she is the powerhouse behind getting them there – when Jenny isn’t working at Rowing Victoria, she has been known to wash 6 zooties per regatta. The washing line on the club website – that’s the Schouten’s! Peter and Jenny, previous recipients of the President’s Award, have also been extremely generous with their time, car (for towing abilities), trailer drive lessons, fixing stuff at the club, catering and waving the RRC flag at any opportunity.
Joining the club some years ago from Carrum Rowing Club, the Schouten’s have made an enormous impact on our club and we are glad that they made the transition to the Yarra. With the addition of Charlotte, Matilda and Troy to the clan – they won’t need to next last minute emails looking for an extra rower or cox. Ok ……… well maybe in a few years.
So on behalf of the 147th RRC Committee I’d like to say thank you and congratulations.
The actual physical ‘christening’ of all three boats will take place in the next month or so as we need to make sure the Schouten’s, Justin and Roberto are all available. I hope to be able to give you a date shortly so you too can plan to be there.
Emma Catford