ASF Tax Deductible Donations

Hi everyone,
It’s coming up to the annual tax deadline and is the traditional time for making some tax deductible donations. We are asking all members to make a donation before 30 June to support the club’s fundraising this year.
Through the Australian Sports Foundation Richmond Rowing Club has two registered projects that members are able to make tax deductible donations to:
Project no. 981861 for Fleet Renewal: This year we spent $22,000 on new fleet and over $12,000 on fleet maintenance. Fundraising is essential for the club to keep its fleet on the water.
Project no. 981860 for the Boathouse Redevelopment: The upcoming redevelopment will cost the club approximately $25,000 in architect and legal fees before our partner, MLC’s, funding for the actual building kicks in, plus we will need to purchase new racking systems for our boat bays.
It’s so easy you can do it now!
1. Go to
2. Print the form for the project you wish to support and fill it out
3. Post the form to the address shown on the form
Please ensure the form will be received by RRC as soon as possible and BEFORE 30 June otherwise your donation may be registered in next financial year.
Thank you in advance for supporting your club!
RRC Committee
Please note:
The Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF) was established by the Australian Government to assist organisations to raise funds through public & corporate donations for the development of sport in Australia. Pursuant to the ASF’s listing in the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997) (div 30, S 30-90), donations of $2 or more to the ASF are tax deductible.
Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ASF to claim a tax deduction, however the ASF’s structure makes it possible for a donor to nominate a registered project as the preferred beneficiary of their gift. Richmond Rowing Club Inc. – Boathouse Redevelopment Appeal, project no. 981860, is registered with and conducted under the charter of the ASF.
All claims are subject to being accepted by the Commissioner of Taxation. If either an individual or business is uncertain of their position they should seek their own professional advice.