Club Championship Points on the line!

There are time trials scheduled for this weekend (Sunday) which will go towards the club time trial awards.
Time trials are held in regulation (tub) sculls, pairs (monster trucks) and fours.
The course for the scull and pairs is from the lamp post (use to be the tree until they cut it down) out the front of the club around Swan Street bridge and back to the club. The four is a bit more demanding as it is from the lamp post around the island and back.
Time trials mean points towards the club championship trophies for the men that is the Mal Scott Memorial and for the ladies the John Sawyer trophy and for the coxes the Don Edwards trophy.
Current points standings have five guys within two points of each other (and another three within striking distance) and with the masters racing coming up, the time trails could be the difference between taking home the bacon or taking a walk down the hall of mirrors (sorry don’t have a points update for the girls or coxes but I am sure it must be close).
Time Trial points are awarded as follows:
One point for each time trial that you do and an additional point for beating the fastest recorded time for the season (i.e. this year). At this point in time we have times posted for the tub four but not the scull or pair.
There are a few rules to time trials including that you cannot repeat a time trial in any given boat class until 21 days after doing your previous time trial, and that a time can only be recorded by a coach or a member of committee (we had some shifty results back in the 60’s and 70’s).
To give everyone a fair chance of posting a few times, I will make myself available to any individual or crew that wants to attempt a time trial up until the closing date of Sunday 30 May. If you want to have a crack then send me an email and we will coordinate a time.
Finally I have negotiated with the HOR that we will be doing Challenge Races which again means more points. I will send out an email via the blog over the weekend so keep an eye out for the email and sign up.
PS – For those of you who are too young for Masters don’t be put off as racing will only give you a maximum of two points for a regatta (that is if you win) so doing a few time trials will keep you in the hunt for the club championship trophies.
PPS – For those who are interested in having a bit of a dip at the men’s four time trial, I will put on the line a slab of beer (any beer you like) for anyone that can beat the club record.