2016 Winter Sculling Series

Winter Sculling Logo

As we head into Winter don’t despair that rowing will not be an option to keep you fit and active. The Victorian Sculling Association run a series of single sculling events in Melbourne which are very popular, to find out more about Winter Sculling visit their website.
If you are interested in competing in one, multiple or all of the available events listed in the attached document below we need to know as single sculls are a limited resource but we will work hard to ensure anyone who wants to compete has the opportunity.


RRC Fleet available
Ray Dennis
Karen Azinger
Tracers 1x
Flying Tiger 55-65kg
Julia Avis 55-65kg
Jonathan Cantwell 80kg+
Tiger Shark 85kg+
Red JR Tracer 70-80kg Clogs
Black JR Tracer 70-80kg Clogs
Racing 1x
Punt Road 60-70kg
We also have potential access to boats from LURC and MLC as they are stored by us.
Geordie (LURC tub)
MLC Wintech Tracer 55-65kg  (Clogs)
The organisers do attempt to schedule racing where rowers are sharing boats so we can work around resource limitations. However to help with planning if you would like to compete in any of the events involved in this series please contact Barry to request a boat allocation [email protected]
If you have any other questions about the competition some of our experienced single scullers have competed in previous years so please ask for advice.