That's a wrap for sprint season 2016

Darling river
Well well well !!! What a great Easter break that was !
The Wentworth and Mildura regattas were surely one of the nicest and most enjoyable regattas I have got to experience.
Originally concerned by the driving (a good 7 hours), it became clear very early on the Friday morning that it would be a very exciting trip.
A few stops along the way for coffee, lunch and a beer at the Mildura Brewery Pub and there we were : Wentworth NSW!
Interesting fact, Wentworth is in NSW while Mildura is located in Victoria, separated by the Murray river.
Wentworth lies at the confluence of the Darling and the Murray rivers, the regatta taking place on the Darling. Continue reading “That's a wrap for sprint season 2016”