RRC's goals and future planning

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our strategic planning day at the beginning of this month. Some lively discussion helped us to define exactly who we are, our values and what we want to offer to our members. We were also able to come together and concentrate on generating some specific objectives to assist us in continuing to grow by focusing in on what matters to us.
So here is a very quick snapshot summarising the outcomes of the day.
Firstly RRC’s mission statement:

“Richmond Rowing Club has a long proud history as an active and competitive, volunteer managed rowing club. We will continue to provide opportunities to participate, develop and compete in an inclusive, friendly environment, balancing lifestyle and rowing.”

At the conclusion of the day we settled upon 4 Objectives for the club going forward, with intermediate goals and a plan to be put in place to help achieve them over the coming years:

  1. Membership Growth – Grow to over 200 members in five years
  2. Demonstrate Club Success on the Water – Place in the top 5 of the RV Club Champion premiership
  3. Member Engagement – Engage members through vibrant off water events and a culture of volunteering
  4. Governance and Finance – To be able to independently finance fleet renewal and building improvement

We now want to hear from you! Every member of the club is invited to give feedback or comments on anything listed here. Furthermore we need input from you all to help us formulate a plan and build the goals that will lead to us achieving these objectives.
We are proposing to hold a workshop at the boathouse on Saturday August 26th from 10am to discuss Membership Engagement. Achieving an active and engaged membership base will no doubt help with building membership growth and contribute to depth in skill and experience that can contribute to success on the water. Therefore it is this critical objective that feeds in to all the others that we have decided to start our plan with. Please try to make the time to participate in helping make RRC a club we can be proud of, each and everyone one of us can do something no matter how small and your first step is to come along and join in the discussions.
Any questions, comments, suggestions let me know, [email protected]