2023 Victoria Masters Championships Regatta

Unfortunately this regatta had a very inauspicious start, as Rowing Victoria abruptly decided to condense the 2 day regatta into just 1 day of racing on the Saturday. This resulted in chaos and confusion with crews, boats and accommodation all to be reshuffled accordingly. Masters Regattas are already challenging logistically, thanks to the extra layer of complexity with age categories. So the last minute decision by RV only added to the workload.
Massive thank you to Will Golding, Lucci Meagher and Michael Hedger for going through the whole tetris of entries and resource allocation not once, but twice! Your efforts were hugely appreciated.

Despite all this, we had a healthy contingent of RRC rowers eager to get on water and start racing on the day. We shivered our way through arctic conditions and drizzle, but were rewarded with a very welcome held start at the 1km mark. We also spotted Christine Sullivan in the starting block, as she was training for her Umpire Level 2 accreditation. Well done Chris!

Conditions were calm for racing and some great results started flowing in. Of particular note were the performances of Geraldine Goss, Kate Dyball, and Helen Pearce, who between them won medals for 13 events! A phenomenal achievement, congratulations.


FMAB1XGoldKate Dyball
FMC4X-GoldKate Dyball, Helen Pearce
FMEK8+GoldGeraldine Goss
FMAB4X-GoldHelen Pearce
FME4X-GoldHelen Pearce, Geraldine Goss
FMC2XGoldKate Dyball
(APSM RCHMD Composite)
FMAD8+GoldGeraldine Goss
FMF2XGoldGeraldine Goss
(MUBC RCHMD Composite)
FMD2XSilverGeraldine Goss, Helen Pearce
MMAB4XSilverJack Hellerstedt, Pavel Oborin, John Carey, Pat Cook
FMFK4X-SilverGeraldine Goss
MMGM4+SilverRay Dennis
(BANKS RCHMD Composite)
FMAB2-SilverHelen Pearce, Kate Dyball
FMAB2XSilverHelen Pearce, Kate Dyball
FMClub8+BronzeWan Emptage, Louise Roberts-Bailey, Aline Dejaegher, Emily Bourke, Geraldine Goss, Amy Catlin, Kath Franklin, Beth Rosenberg, Cox: Sam Lincoln

Thank you

Attendance at this regatta would not have been possible without the help and dedication of our wonderful volunteers. Thank you to Phil Munson and Leigh Sullivan for towing the trailer, Amy Catlin for organising attendance to boatloading/unloading, and a very special thank you to Emil Limansyah, who was present at the regatta centre at the crack of dawn to help other crews rig their boats, and stayed until the very end of the day when the trailer took off. You are the embodiment of club spirit, thank you Emil!

For more photos of the weekend, click here

2023 State Championships Regatta

Written by Emily Bourke

What a cracker of a weekend in Nagambie! It was great to be there with the sun shining and the wind only lightly blowing dust across the course. Helen Pearce and Kate Dyball really set the tone for the weekend on the Saturday, smashing the 2km events! Well done Kate and Helen! 

This showing was followed up by a glorious Sunday of 1km racing in which Richmond took out the top spot of the medal tally with 16 in total – of which there were 8 golds, 7 silver and 1 bronze medal! 

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this weekend of racing possible! 

  • Samantha Leslie for taking on BRO duties 
  • Geraldine Goss for the fantastic commentating  
  • Kim Begelhole for the boat loading plan 
  • Phil Munson for towing the trailer 
  • Jack Hellerstedt for being photographer 
  • All the coaches, coxes, and helpers for boats and oars 
  • Everyone who brought their dogs 😊 


Saturday (2km) 

FClub2X: H. Pearce and K. Dyball – 8:14.81 
FClub1X: K. Dyball – 8:31.56 

Sunday (1km) 

MC8+ J.Britton, R.Healy, D.Maksoutov, E.Limansyah, J.Carey, M.Hedger, D.Beck, K.Wong, Cox: L.Hubbard – 3:12.57  
FB2- A.Catlin, L.Innes-Irons – 3:58.03 
FA1X K.Dyball – 3:57.52 
FC4+ V.Mar, K.Spinnler-Jenkins, G.Bekir-Fuente, D.Hill, Cox: P.Tran – 4:08.24 
FC8+ K.Franklin, K.Spinnler-Jenkins, G.Bekir-Fuente, B.Rosenberg, C.May, D.Hill, I.Williams, N.Finn, Cox: P.Tran – 4:01.10 
MC4X+ K.Wong, J.Britton, J.Carey, R.Healy, Cox: A.Dejaegher – 3:32.98 
FC4X+ W.Emptage, M.Bergmann, J.Huang, D.Hill, Cox: I.Sijan – 4:18.05 
FA2X H.Pearce, K.Dyball – 3:54.04 

MB4+ P.Cook, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, T.Foster, Cox: D.Begg – 4:05.10 
MB8+ P.Oborin, J.Hellerstedt, J.Roberts, A.Pupko, B.Wardle, T.Foster, P.Cook, I.Balemi, Cox: D.Begg – 3:07.51 
MC4X+ E.Limansyah, J.Merrett, D.Maksoutov, W.Haynes, Cox: L.Hubbard – 3:39.06 
FC1X E.Rouse – 4:48.74 
FB8+ C.Sullivan, V.Mar, C.Manzie, E.Rouse, A.Lawler, B.Rosenberg, S.Leslie, S.Houghton, Cox: P.Tran – 3:54.24  
FB1X L.Innes-Irons – 4:39.60 
MC4+ W.Golding, T.Foster, P.Cook, I.Orton, Cox: A.Dejaegher – 3:51.95 

MB4X: W.Golding, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, P.Cook, Cox: D.Begg – 3:38.81 

For more photos, check out this link