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As the season is almost to a close, we have some important business to take care of – the annual Around the Island – Keith Miller Award Trophy to compete for, end of season break dates and an invitation to participate in the RRC strategic planning.
Keith Millar – Around the Island Time Trial in regulation fours (tubs)
Coaches, it is time to assemble crews for the annual RRC Keith Millar Around the Island time trial. Rules are:
– Time trial to be raced in a tub four boat
– Timed by your coach
– Representative on the bank to check for river safety when turning back from the island
– Times to be forwarded to the Head of Rowing [email protected] by Sunday the 7th of June.
Award – there is an engraved glass trophy for the fastest male recorded time and fastest female crew recorded time. Winners will be announced at Presentation night on the 13th June. If you have any questions please let me know.
Coaches please note : – typically the time trial is raced ‘around’ the island. I understand this is not possible due to dredging works. Crews will be required to turn at the island and row back…not row around it. Please do NOT amend times for turning, sipping drinks etc. Only raw times from ‘start to finish’ are accepted for the time trial.
Scullers – There is a time trial for the fastest recorded time in a tub single. Rules the same as the above however the course is up to Swan Street Bridge, turn and back to pole in front of club.
RRC Season Break
1st June – 19th July will be the official RRC Season Break. During this time crews are encouraged to cross train, cycle, use the gym etc, however there is no official planned squad training. Crews wanting to train on the water are self-organised. Please alert our captain to boat usage.
Strategic Planning 2015/2016
Coach mentor, one squad culture, coxswain development, fleet purchase planning – all of these innovations (and more) came from the strategic planning days held in the past. Please consider attending, as it is open to the whole club to attend.
How can I be involved?
First there will be a survey link sent around to you during the week. Please fill this out so the committee and members can gauge how we are going.
In addition to this you are invited to the club on Saturday 20th June 10 am to 2pm for the workshop forum. Responses from the survey will be collated and innovations through workshopping in groups will begin.
Rowing Regards, Rochelle
Head of Rowing