Regatta Fees

We hope the following information assists members’ understanding about regatta fees
1.  Seat Fees – are charged by RV and on-charged on the basis of regatta entries approved by the Head of Rowing.  If rower changes are made subsequent to finalisation of entries the rower may negotiate a refund with the replacement rower, not with the club.
2.  Overhead Costs include:
  • tow vehicle hire (if applicable)
  • tow vehicle fuel
  • bookkeeper’s invoicing costs (new this year)
3.  Overhead Fees per Rower are estimated prior to the regatta and divided by the number of rowers entered by Richmond
  • the member who tows the boat trailer is exempted from overhead fees in lieu of vehicle wear and tear, tolls, and extra time/responsibility for towing club property
  • members who only cox (ie don’t row) are exempted from overhead fees
  • any trailer charges to other clubs (as known at the time invoices are raised) will be deducted from overhead costs on-charged to our members
4.   Accommodation Costs (where organized by the club) will be totaled and divided by the number of people using the accommodation.
Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions.