Successful season review and planning

I wanted to thank everyone for their input either through completion of our survey or by their attendence at this years planning day.
We had almost 20 people take part in the planning day all offering their ideas and suggestions to help make next season at Richmond another fun and successful year. The committee is currently looking at taking this feedback forward and we hope to be able to present to you some of our goals and priorities going forward at this years AGM on July 26th.
I wanted to offer a special thanks to Lucy Crunden who ran and facilitated the whole day and Geraldine Goss who let us take over her house for the day.

RRC season review survey

Very quick note to you all to say I wil be taking down the RRC season review survey tomorrow and analysing the results before this Saturday’s planning day.
If you have thoughts, opinions, criticisms, suggestions that you would like us to take into account when planning for next season NOW is the time to let us know.
Unfortunately if people don’t tell us we can not address your ideas.
So if you haven’t done so already please complete the survey today.

Richmond Rowing Club Planning for 2014-15

Evaluate and plan
Let’s evaluate and look forward

The 2013-14 season may be officially over (don’t forget to buy your tickets now for next Saturday’s wrap up and celebration at the Kingston Hotel) but before you know it we will be frantically preparing for another blockbuster season with regattas, camps, fundraising and social events.
It’s important for us all to take the time over the Winter break to evaluate what we have done well this season, what we can improve on next season and most importantly look forward to what we would like to achieve next season. The committee is asking for your input with this and we invite you all to participate in this very quick survey to give us an overview of your thoughts. Your feedback and input is vital for the success of this process.
The results of this survey will be analysed and discussed at this years planning day which will occur on Saturday the 14th June. The venue will be the home of Geraldine Goss in Hawthorn, as our clubhouse will be undergoing major exciting improvements at this time, please contact me for the details. We would like to invite you to join us to help plan and constructively evaluate Richmond Rowing Clubs performance. If you are interested in getting more involved (perhaps standing for the committee next season) we would love to hear from you. Could you please let me know if you are able and intend to attend this day by emailing [email protected] so we have an estimate of numbers. Continue reading “Richmond Rowing Club Planning for 2014-15”