2022 Masters State Championships Nagambie

RRC big guns were out in force for masters states 7/5 in Nagambie, with nine athletes pulling in 3 first, 7 second, and 2 third place finishes across a variety of composite and all yellow and black crews, with Gerry managing an eight-medal haul for this weekend.

Thanks to Kirsty for BROing, and Chris & Leigh for trailering.


FME4x- M.Joy [RCHMD], G.Goss [RCHMD], K.Lloyd [BCRC], P.Whiting [MUBC]
FMEK4+ G.Goss [RCHMD], K.Lloyd [BCRC], K.Patten [POWR], F.Spriggs [POWR], Cox: L.Letic [APSM]
FMEK8+ S.Gould [MELB], A.Parbury [MUBC], J.Bant [MUBC], L.Phillips [MELB], P.Whiting [MUBC], L.Broad [BRC], G.Goss [RCHMD], K.Lloyd [BCRC], Cox: E.Plowright [MELB]

MixMGK2x T.Bishop [QBC], G.Goss [RCHMD]
MMGK4+ D.Wilson [BANKS], J.Mitchell [BANKS], P.Anderson [BANKS], R.Dennis [RCHMD], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS]
FMAB4+ C.Crouser, K.Fergie, M.Joy, K.Doggett, Cox: C.Lawrence
FMD2x G.Goss, H.Pearce
FMAD8+ B.Klein-van Mullekom [MELB], K.Lloyd [BCRC], G.Goss [RCHMD], R.Gribble [WENDB], K.Patten [POWR], L.Skidmore [YARRA], A.Rukuwai [MELB], S.Hayward [CARM], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS], Coach: J.Walker
FMAB4x- K.Doggett, Z.Maxwell, M.Joy, K.Dyball
FME2x C.Carr [YARRA], G.Goss [RCHMD]

FMAD8+ J.Fischmann [CARM], C.Crouser [RCHMD], K.Doggett [RCHMD], C.Carr [YARRA], S.Waters [BCRC], C.Plowman [CARM], J.Deeble [CARM], K.James [CARM], Cox: J.Cuddy [CARM]
FMC4x- K.Doggett, G.Goss, M.Joy, K.Dyball

Masters States done for Another Year

A beautiful day on Saturday at Lake Nagambie was the setting for this years Victorian Masters State Championships. The last regatta of the season in Victoria was a successful day for many of the clubs crews with a special mention to all the novice rowers who came away winners on the day.

Male masters novice quad scull champs
Male masters novice quad scull champs

Justin’s novice girls not only learnt to row this season but also learnt to scull and in their first ever sculling race were involved in a close battle with Footscray but keeping focussed all the way to the line and according to the commentator “sitting up just that bit taller than their competitors making all the difference over the last 100m” they came away victorious. The mens novice crews also showed cross discipline skills winning in both the four and quad.
Female masters novice four champs
Female masters novice four champs

It was great to see Laura Schouten back out on the water in a Richmond zootie (in her first ever masters regatta) rowing in a composite crew with Lindsey Brown taking home a gold medal in the eight. Geraldine Goss was also busy getting plenty of race practice in ahead of national Masters to be held in NSW in a couple of weeks. We lost count of the number of events and medals but there were some great races.  With RRC finishing 5th on the medal tally (with only 16 rowers competing) we are clearly a strong force in Victorian rowing.
Female Masters C/D coxless pair champs
Female Masters C/D coxless pair champs

A big congratulations to all involved in a great day and a wonderful conclusion to the 2014-15 season. Thanks to Tim Evans for towing the trailer and our support crew of friends and family whose cheering helped ever tiger push that bit harder to the finish line.
Richmond Crew Medallists
Male masters Novice Coxed Four (gold) – Robert Gordon, Raymond O’Shea, Jon Roberts, Allan Randall and cox Rebecca Lionnet
Male masters Novice Coxed Quad Scull (gold) – Robert Gordon, Raymond O’Shea, Andy Harrison, Allan Randall and cox Rebecca Lionnet
Female masters Novice A/C Coxed Four (gold) – Josepha Smith, Susanna Mullner, Merry Kraina, Aline Dejaegher and cox Mike Numa
Female masters Novice A/C Coxed Quad Scull (gold) – Josepha Smith, Susanna Mullner, Merry Kraina, Aline Dejaegher and cox Shern Timmins
Male masters A/B Single (Silver) – Andy Harrison
Mixed Masters A/C Quad Scull (silver) – Michelle Joy, Andy Harrison, Tim Evans and Karen Doggett
Female masters A/B Double Scull (bronze) – Michelle Joy and Karen Doggett