2022 Indoor rowing championships AIRC

In a foreshadowing of the state of the head race season, it was a welcome return to erging in-person at the shed for AIRCs this year.

Richmond posted up 35 entries from 18 athletes from age brackets ranging from 19-29 up to 75-79.

first place
Helen Pearce, 40-49W, 500m, 1:30.8
Kate Dyball, 30-39WL, 500m, 1:38.9
Alex Silber, 75-79M, 500m, 1:40.9
Helen Pearce, 40-49W, 2000m, 6:54.7
Kate Dyball, 30-39WL, 2000m, 7:09.1
Helen Pearce, 40-49W, 1000m, 3:20.1
Kate Dyball, 30-39WL, 1000m, 3:30.4
Lily Innes-Irons, 19-29W, 1000m, 3:31.7
Alex Silber, 75-79M, 1000m, 3:44.8
Anthea Amos, 65-69W, 1000m, 4:31.8

second place
Geraldine Goss, 60-64W, 500m, 1:46.9
RRC relay, 19-39W, 2000m, 6:37.4
Ben Wardle, 19-29M, 2000m, 6:32.4
Jack Hellerstedt, 30-39ML, 2000m, 7:03.5
Kirsty Fergie, 30-39W, 2000m, 7:31.1
Kirsty Fergie, 30-39W, 1000m, 3:36.4
Geraldine Goss, 60-64W, 1000m, 3:51.7

Third place
Pavel Oborin, 30-39ML, 2000m, 7:32.8
Alex Pupko, 19-29M, 1000m, 3:06.9
Jack Hellerstedt, 30-39ML, 1000m, 3:25.1
Caley Manzie, 19-29W, 1000m, 3:36.4
Philip Munson, 65-69M, 1000m, 3:39.2

With a total of 316 points amassed, RRC took third overall in club standings behind Gippsland Grammar (353) and Sunshine Coast Indoor Rowing Club (348).

Big thanks to Helen for being the mastermind of the event, and hostess extraordinaire while sweeping her events, Will for entries & IT architecture, and Ally, Richie, Emily, Sean, Alex, for running the ergos throughout the day.

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