2022 Saltwater Challenge

It was another auspiciously sunny day to head west for the first regatta of the season- the Saltwater Challenge on the Maribynong.

Big congratulations to our 11 competing crews, with first place finishes in the FMClub4x+/- and MC4x+, with the masters club women also taking the “biggest winning margin” award for the regatta.

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  1. MO4X+/- Male Open Coxed/Coxless Quad Scull
    P.Cook, P.Oborin, I.Balemi, B.Wardle, Cox: D.Begg, Coaches: W.Golding, S.Tolboom
    3rd 16:55.60
  2. MA4X+ Male A Grade Coxed Quad Scull
    R.Healy, M.Gehling, A.Pupko, T.McKay, Cox: C.Crouser, Coaches: W.Golding, S.Tolboom
    3rd 18:22.74
  3. MM4X+/- Male Masters Club Coxed/Coxless Quad Scull
    D.Beck, J.Roberts, A.Randall, T.Foster, Cox: ATHLETE UNKNOWN, Coaches: W.Golding, S.Tolboom
    11th 18:05.20
  4. FM4X+/- Female Masters Club Coxed/Coxless Quad Scull
    Melbourne University/Richmond
    G.Goss [RCHMD], P.Whiting [MUBC], H.Pearce [RCHMD], J.Bant [MUBC], Cox: ATHLETE UNKNOWN
    1st 18:42.07

S.Timmins, H.Doherty-McMillan, K.Fergie, W.Emptage, Cox: C.Sullivan, Coach: A.Lawler
8th 20:05.69

  1. FSCH4X+Y91 Female School Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1
    PLC Melbourne
    Y.Wang, H.Chowdary, C.Wei, J.Spencer, Cox: S.Leslie
    24 21:55.09

PLC Melbourne
G.Gonzales, C.Lowe, T.Xiao, T.Vessey, Cox: S.Houghton
16 21:14.10

  1. MMClub4X+/- Male Masters Club Quad Scull
    P.Munson, K.Begelhole, C.Burke, T.Evans, Cox: S.Dudczig
    6th 20:36.87
  2. MB4X+ Male B Grade Coxed Quad Scull
    A.Randall, A.Pupko, B.Wardle, I.Balemi, Cox: D.Begg, Coaches: W.Golding, S.Tolboom
    3rd 17:57.19
  3. FMClub4X+/- Female Masters Club Quad Scull
    G.Goss, K.Doggett, K.Dyball, H.Pearce, Cox: C.Crouser
    1st 18:48.70
  4. FB4X+ Female B Grade Coxed Quad Scull
    A.Kinsman, L.Innes-Irons, K.Fergie, R.Dickson-Hoyle, Cox: E.Mitsch, Coach: A.Lawler
    2nd 19:10.46

C.Sullivan, R.Button, S.Leslie, S.Houghton, Cox: D.Spring, Coach: A.Lawler
4th 19:33.13

  1. XM4X+/- Mixed Masters Coxed/Coxless Quad Scull
    D.Beck, G.Goss, T.Foster, H.Pearce, Cox: ATHLETE UNKNOWN
    4th 18:47.93
  2. MC4X+ Male C Grade Coxed Quad Scull
    P.Cook, D.Ingram, R.Healy, K.Wong, Cox: D.Begg, Coaches: W.Golding, S.Tolboom
    1st 18:44.70