Saturday 2nd May was a busy day for the club with members participating in the Albert Park masters regatta and the fundraising sausage sizzle at Hawthorn Bunnings.  Thanks to all those who were involved in such a successful day, particularly Emily Dunn who took time out from her wedding planning and put a lot of effort into arranging the fundraiser, our Boat Captain Barry who transported the boats to Albert Park on the Friday night and then sizzled some sausages on the Saturday, Tim Evans who brought the boats back home and Justin Thomas who represented Richmond as the Boat Racing Official (BRO). Also to everyone who volunteered to serve at the sausage sizzle, including Matt Crouch and Charlie Burke who managed to reserve some energy to volunteer post-regatta and who I am told had killer sales technique to boost the end of the day profits.

Bunnings sausage sizzle
Hawthorn Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Those who braved the 40kph winds at Albert Park wore their black arm bands in respect of Eric Britton and were rewarded with some successes.   Our novice women’s crews were particularly successful in the regatta with two crews claiming gold as a testament to their first season in the four and quad.  We also had a very competitive female masters coxed quad taking gold and Andrew Harrison taking gold in the men’s single which was no mean feat in the conditions.  Those who weren’t as successful could take comfort in APSM and Argonauts bake-off with a great selection of sweet treats available that were very difficult to resist.
Albert Park novice 4
APSM Womens masters novice 4+

Male Masters Single Scull – Andrew Harrison
Female Masters Novice Coxed Four – Josepha Smith,  Susanna Mullner, Meredith Kraina and Aline Dejaegher. Coxed by Robert Gordon
Female Masters Coxed Quad Scull –  Carolyn Manning,  Lindsey Brown,  Karen Doggett and  Michelle Joy. Coxed by Derek Begg
Female Masters Novice Coxed Quad Scull – Susan Powell, Stefanie Dudczig, Thalia Marshall, Shern Timmins. Coxed by Michelle Joy.
APSM Womens masters novice quad
APSM Womens masters novice quad

Regatta Report by Jodie Naisbitt