Club Social – Now Thursday 12th March

Due to Moomba disruptions this week and a few people taking a well deserved rest following our exploits at state championships last weekend (look out for a blog round-up coming soon on those results) we have postponed the club social until next Thursday.
So on Thursday 12th March the bar will be open and we will organise to get some pizzas (with everyone chiping in some cash) after training. This evening is designed to be a very informal catch-up and chance to just sit back and enjoy an evening with friends at the clubhouse after a pleasant evening row. Make sure you sign up on sportsplanner for the row or if you can’t make it to training you are of course welcome to come and join us for some drinks afterwards. It will be a great chance to say cheers to all those who put in so much effort in the Vic states and sprint season campaign.