2022 Head of the Barwon

Very much “day for it” vibes for this quick dash out west.


MA-C2x I. Balemi, B. Wardle 15:16.68
FM4+ C.Crouser [RCHMD], H.Pearce [RCHMD], G.Goss [RCHMD], R.Gribble [WENDB], Cox: K.Wong [RCHMD] 16:49.5
FA-C4x+/- R. Dickson-Hoyle, K. Fergie, L. Innes-Irons, A. Kinsman, Cox: C. McCarthy 16:17
FM1x G. Goss 19.09.11
MA-C2x W. Golding, P. Cook 16:08.32
MA-C4x+/- W. Golding, I. Balemi, B. Wardle, P. Cook, Cox: W. Emptage 14:43.1
FA-C2x C. Crouser, H. Pearce 16:52.2
MM4x+/- D. Beck, C. Burke, W. Haynes, J. Roberts, Cox: ATHLETE UNKNOWN 16:52.45

2022 Geelong Masters Regatta

6 first, 3 second, 5 third place entries from 16 entries


XM4x+ M.Joy, E.Miles, P.Munson, A.Randall, Cox: K.Dyball 3:24.47
MM4+ D.Wilson [BANKS], J.Mitchell [BANKS], P.Anderson [BANKS], R.Dennis [RCHMD], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS] 5:31.77
FM4x+ H.Doherty-McMillan, W.Emptage, S.Mullner, E.Miles, Cox: C.Crouser 4:54.66
FM2x G.Goss, H.Pearce 4:22.55
MM4+ D.Wilson [BANKS], J.Mitchell [BANKS], P.Anderson [BANKS], R.Dennis [RCHMD], Cox: C.Lawrence [BANKS] 5:12.71
FM4x- J.Bant [MUBC], P.Whiting [MUBC], L.Phillips [MELB], G.Goss [RCHMD] 4:26.79
FM4+ C.Crouser, H.Pearce, D.Hill, G.Goss, Cox: M.Joy 4:42.86
MM4x+ R.Healy, P.Munson, J.Roberts, A.Randall, Cox: W.Emptage 4:11.93
FM4x- C.Crouser, W.Emptage, H.Pearce, D.Hill 4:43.76
XM4x+ J.Roberts, R.Healy, S.Mullner, A.Amos, Cox: W.Emptage 3:42.35
XM2x G.Goss, R.Healy ntt
FM8+ V.Dowell [MELB], J.Williams [MELB], R.McIntyre [MELB], J.Hall [YARRA], V.Mohr [MELB], C.Howgate [MELB], L.Partridge [MELB], K.Morrison [MELB], Cox: A.Amos [RCHMD] 5:03.47
FM4x+ H.Doherty-McMillan, M.Joy, S.Mullner, E.Miles, Cox: D.Henry 5:07.32
XM4x- C.Crouser, P.Munson, A.Randall, M.Joy 4:17.75

Congratulations to Hannah Doherty-McMillan who competed in her first regatta, and thanks to Sue-Virginia for BROing, as well as Phil Munson for towing the trailer.

Barwon 2016

It’s Sunday, pre 5:30am, and an alarm is rudely squawking in my ear. It must be sprint season!
Sure enough, on the final day of January the intrepid Tigers headed south-west around the bay to show their stuff at the Barwon regatta.
It certainly wasn’t a glorious start though. With a grim forecast spinning tales of afternoon lighting storms and epic black clouds already towering on the horizon there was a very real chance the afternoon races would be a wash out. My mind flashed back to the previous year, sitting cold and damp in a tent. At least Geelong was consistent!
No time for dreaming about warm beds though because we soon arrived at the river and it was straight down to the serious business of rigging and racing….just as soon as I’d located a coffee and a bacon and egg roll, obviously.
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