Success at the Australian Masters Championships 2014

Barry and Ray 2X Caroline mixed 2X Charlie and Micheal B2x Geri D8 Geri mixed 2x Karen medal in the 8 Michelle mixed 2X Racheal and Michelle Ray I8
Last weekend saw 8 competitive and determined tigers travel across the state border to South Australia to compete in the 2014 Australian Masters Rowing Championships. Our representatives were Ray Dennis, Geraldine Goss, Charlie Burke, Carolyn Manning, Barry Campbell, Michelle Joy, Michael Gehling and Karen Doggett. We may have been few in number but with friends from many other clubs in Victoria we made an illustrious team with a total of 36 entries between us. We even covered the the masters age catorgories of A (youngest, minimum age of 27) to J (average age of 80 or more). Continue reading “Success at the Australian Masters Championships 2014”