For the safety of yourself and others it’s important to take responsibility for safety and keep it at the top of mind – on and off the water. All members must complete a written safety test to ensure understanding of basic river rules and a 50m cold water swim in rowing clothing. Within the first year of membership, or before using any coxless fleet, we require all members to complete the RV level 1 coxswain course to ensure a thorough understanding of the safety considerations and responsibilities involved with being on the water.
We require everyone to sign out their boat in the log book and update the safety board before every outing. Safety lights (white flashing at stern, white constant at bow) are required on all boats between sunset and sunrise. Crews can be fined for non-compliance with this regulation.
Please ensure you are familiar with safety related signs and emergency evacuation plans at the clubhouse.
All on or off-water safety incidents must be reported using the ‘Incident Report Form’ (see below) and submitted to our Captain of Boats. Any incidents where another club is also involved should be emailed to our Captain of Boats & President.