RRC annual Trivia Night is under a month away

Christmas club races/bbq and New Years Eve were both fantastic events at RRC and we also raised $3500 for our fundraising goals. As a result we’re nearly ready to order of the gym equipment (though we didn’t quite raise enough for the mirrors to help keep an eye on your posture). The good news is that annual RRC trivia night is under a month away on the starting at 7pm Saturday the 18th of March and it is often the biggest of the fundraising events.
The theme chosen ‘Saints & Sinners’ was one that if you still are dressed in the costume from the day before being St Patricks day it will save precious time. Justin Thomas regrettably can not board the ship back to Australia for the occasion he is writing the question and hopefully on the night won’t be captured by Irish pirates and taken to Ireland to look after animals. Simon Crunden is getting his voice ready to as the annual fundraiser auctioneer and he will MC the trivia.
It has previously been a great night and as always it’s great for friends, colleagues and family to enjoy each other’s company. Get your tickets through Try Booking. Donation of auction items / services big and small will be greatly appreciated. Please contact myself David Micallef [email protected] or 0414 907 075 .